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No Mail Today

No Mail Today.
Oil on canvas board.
A long time ago and far, far away… Had a lot of time on my hands lately, so I started dragging out my art & supplies. Found this hiding in a folder. It’s sort of a doodle in oils I did in ’98. Something out of my head ~ based on all the trips we made through Tennessee and Alabama. I’m thinking I need to start a new project….

Old Sketches – Drawing Unicorns and Pegasus Before they were Cool

These are all pen and ink and pencil

this is ink then tweaked with Corel Paint Shop
draft for embroidery on jean jacket
draft for painting on glass

Old Sketches – #13 Nazgul

Still unpacking boxes, found some old sketches. I was really into the Lord of the Rings as a teen (books, not movie) and my art then reflected it. I was also toying with different ways to sign my name. Margaret is my middle name.

Koh-I-Noor pen and India ink

Antique Embroidery Art

My old “hand embroidered” Triumph Motorcycle Jean Jacket
Original “OOAK” no pattern, no photo,
just out of my head, a lot of embroidery thread
and tons of patience!
It took me over sixs weeks to do ~
20 years ago.
(I had painted a matching horse on our
’70 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle tank too
but sadly, we no longer have the bike).
Our 1970 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle (note my cool ’76 Caprice Classic station wagon with it’s electric sliding door and window in the background!)
he told me if I could start it I could ride it. So I did.
he told me if I could start it I could ride it. So I did.