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She traded in her Broom for a Stick Horse


“Brooms are so outdated” Artemisia Wormhollow was quoted in her interview to the Samhain Quarterly. Artemisia age 19, has been attracting a lot of attention as she rides her bewitched stick horse back and forth to the university every evening. “Everybody I know has one [a broom]”, she continues, “But I’m the only one with a flying stick horse!”

Artemisia and her flying stick horse is a Halloween card, reproduced from my original colored pencil Illustration.   You can find her at my Etsy store: and at

First Draft Illustration

this is an illustration for a story I’m currently writing

Prismacolor colored pencil &
India ink & Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pen
on 9″x12″sketch paper

She started as a doodled idea that turned into a full blown painting.  Many of my paintings start out this way (what I call “thinking on paper” while having a mental block).
She is a character in my book and that is all I’ll reveal of her at this time as the story is still being written.

Miss You

This is an older piece. All free hand out of my imagination. The colors and shading are not the best, but I was learning to work with the colors. I needed to do a little more layering of colors.
Original: Colored Pencil, 1996
this may be purchased as a greeting card at: